Aside from music - art and writing always have been my work as well, and still are. I was a journalist and wrote books about psychology, and published photos in several American jazz magazines like a.o. Downbeat and Elmore Magazine.


Because I travel a lot and meet people whom I find adoring and / or interesting I started my Youtube Channel:
Irene's Gypsy Jazz Adventures.

Here you'll to find loads of interesting mini documentaries, interviews and music videos. Let me take you with me on my travels!


My work takes me to countries all over the world, which gives some people the impression that I am on vacation all the time. I love my work though, I'd rather do what I do than 'vacate'...

More info about my other work on my other website:

More recent photography and artwork on my facebook pages, (which are never really up to date):
Irene Ypenburg Art

Irene Ypenburg Photography

I grew up in a musical family and learned to play the piano, recorder and a few chords on the guitar from my parents. I did not make music for several decades though, and started to learn to play the guitar because I lost my heart to gypsy jazz, towards the end of 2012.

Dancing, singing, and making music have always been a big part of who I am. Internationally I performed with outstanding musicians, a.o. in Hong Kong, New York, Chicago, Tampa, Sarasota, Nepal, Brazil, United Kingdom, Ireland, India and in Australia.

In my band 'Irene's Gypsy Swing Band', I play with musicians in different combinations, like Paulus Schäfer, Feigeli Prisor, Govert Veltkamp, Lollo Meier, John Rijsdijk, Christiaan van Hemert.